Mon 14 August 2017 Sun 01 October 2017

Have you ever wondered about digital recourses which nomads life makes it easier? Here are the top 5 digital nomad resources every digital nomad should have:

  1. Laptop - this is definitely high-tech tool without which freelancers and nomads couldn’t travel. The reason is, well obviously, they are working online and the laptop is their basic tool for money earning.
  2. Hard Drive – well it is crucial that you back up your important and less important things from your laptop. Imagine that at one point the worst nightmare is happening and your laptop is crashed while you are traveling. Still, you are feeling relief as you have managed to back up everything just couple hours ago.
  3. Camera – If you are blogger and entrepreneur you should definitely bring one camera with yourself. You will record everything about your life in one city and be editing it later. Your aim is to share a video with your followers and others as well about the city which you have visited. Trust me, many will be grateful to listen to your advices and impressions.
  4. Phone – Iphone  – While in the past we have been managing without any hi-tech gadgets, nowadays that is not the case. With such a fantastic gadget Iphone, you are able not only to make an important business calls while you are traveling, but also to check your e-mails on the phone, take a fantastic photo’s, short video’s…
  5. Carry-On Backpack – It is extremely useful for traveling. Many of you would probably chose backpacks with USB ports and solar panels. On this way you can always charge your phone and laptop while you are traveling.

Tip for you: Before you start your adventure you should make a good travel plan and you should definitely inform yourself about the country in which you are going otherwise it may happen that you reach your destination and realize that internet is pretty bad what means that you simply cannot work.And don't forget to bring with yourself DN resources.