Mon 21 August 2017 Sun 01 October 2017

Ok, so you have decided to become a freelancer and you want to attend some of the Standout Freelancing courses. Here is what you may expect on the online training.

This course will give you a greater picture about what is actually freelancing. It is not just “ok, I am going to work and have a job from 8-5. It is more than that and all that answers and much more you will get on this course. Most of the important that you will understand is online freelancing right for you or not and are you able to adjust and participate in this kind of adventure. As a freelancer, you don’t have to work from 8-5. You are your own boss, organize your time the way you want to. You have to meet strict deadlines and sometimes work double shifts so you could finalize all on time. On the training course, you will acknowledge how to avoid scams, how to write proposals which will push you at the top and how you will manage to find good jobs.

The most important thing is to follow your dream and if your dream is to become freelancer than my advice to you is to attend the course online.