Wed 08 August 2018 Thu 09 August 2018

I like working with Epic Rentals Cars - Kerikeri Airport because the company fulfills all my needs. Hiring a vehicle allows me to keep my own car in better condition. I can also save on fuel if I choose a car that consumes less. 

When choosing a vehicle, I first define my rental car needs. If I’m travelling with my family, I go for a large SUV but when traveling solo, I choose a compact car. If I’m travelling long distance, I choose a luxury car that can provide a higher level of comfort. A convertible car is my preferred choice when the weather is nice. Apart from providing more room for passengers and luggage, the size of a vehicle matters when I’m visiting a nation with very narrow roads or limited parking.

Before I settled for my rental car firm, I did my homework and researched about penalties and late fees. I also looked at whether there are additional services offered such as free GPS or additional driver. Another thing I looked at is whether there are travel restrictions or any liabilities that I should know about. The good thing is that I can buy the rental car’s insurance, which is recommended because something bad might happen when I’m driving, especially if it’s in a foreign nation. 

It was also prudent of me to check on the state of the vehicles being offered for hire. I looked at their condition whether they were well maintained. I was also looking for clean vehicles and preferred a company that could offer the latest makes and models. With that being said, I make sure that I book early so that I’m guaranteed to get the car I want. Unusual or luxury cars are also my favorite because I’m more likely to get the vehicle I want.