Thu 06 September 2018 Thu 06 September 2018

Perhaps the most underused and misunderstood yet highly effective method of corporate communication is the Welligton video production. Because many businesses are not savvy when it comes to corporate video production, they waste a great deal of money and time "experimenting," with video production companies as well as production techniques that need not be wasted.

Following the tips below will shave man-hours and dollars off of the resources that are spent on getting the right kind of Welligton video production to your Corporation.

Keep it short and sweet.

Whether you are communicating to potential customers or to potential partners, the sophistication of the video technology that you are using speaks for itself. This means keep the message simple.

Most techniques can be displayed in around 3 minutes, which is just about the length of the average person's attention span these days. The key is to make the videos long enough to offer all of the intended information, while still retaining interest.

You do not need to create the next Steven Spielberg movie to get your point across. Make sure that the little things are taking care of, capture your message on camera without "performing it," and you will have a much more efficient production.

 Customers today hate the hard sell. Use humor instead.

Because of the saturated nature of the marketing landscape today, people automatically tune out any hard-sell messages. You must first draw your potential customer or partner in with humor that is relevant to the pitch, your brand, and the company. When you are vetting your production companies, you should make sure that they have a great editing staff on hand to help you with this most important of endeavors.

Make sure that your message is consistent.

Many corporations become incredibly excited about the potential of video technology and try to cram as much as they can into a video instead of sticking to the message that has already worked.

Making sure that your video color schemes are consistent with your online business card logos and that your font is the same across all mediums is much more important than giving that spiel that you have been waiting to perform on camera.

 Make sure that any company you outsource to has an editing policy that is to your advantage.

Most likely you will be overcome by the excitement of the Welligton video production process and miss some things in the initial run through that will need to be fixed in subsequent editing sessions. In order to save money, pick a company that has a free (or close to it) editing policy.